What I love the most about the crystalline pottery I make is the way raw materials come together under very controlled conditions to create something incredibly intricate and beautiful, but also totally unpredictable. It is the combination of the art and the science (and I say the magic) that has attracted me and continues to draw me along the crystalline path. I can bring everything together precisely, but in the end the final result is out of my hands. I can control the conditions that are most suitable for crystal formation--kiln temperature, body shape and glaze composition--but what eventually comes out of the firing is always a surprise. Sometimes one piece is not very interesting, while the piece next to it in the kiln with the same glaze is a fantasyland of shimmering light!

I have spent years working on my glaze recipes, tweaking and adjusting them until I found a few that give the crystals the best chance to grow.  Initially in choosing to work with crystalline glazes I had to accept the inevitable failures that are an unavoidable part of beginners in crystalline life; my first attempt was just plain brown with no crystals at all!. But the good pieces eventually came and have made it all worthwhile! I am continuing to develop more colors and effects; an endless pursuit... I hope you love the crystalline pottery I make as much as I do, and I hope it enriches your life like it has mine.

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